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Only thing I can say about the upset people is so sorry..ACN is a great company that has been working for over 20 is just that sometimes the people who get in it don't...they think they won the lottery just by signing up and quit to soon to realize the purest form of residual income...getting paid on bills you can never pay off....Noone with half a peanut in their head would really think that Verizon Dish Direct AT&T Comcast and more would not partner with ACN unless the homework was is a function of not quitting on yourself to make it work..regarding services, every company has issues with company in the world has a 100% satisfied customer is usually the most negative people in the room or who post negative things that have the most negative checking account and attitude.....get a grip, read the fine print, and get partnered with the largest redirector of telecom and energy in the world....GO ACN!!!

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I have subscribed to ACN about 7 months ago - and now receive sub-standard internet service. ACN promised ADSL2+ broadband speed (which I already had with a previous provider) and I only receive speeds below ADSL ONE... if I am lucky I am getting 10 seconds of a youtube video played without interruption. Now, I have contacted ACN every month complaining - for about 3 months now, quiet and no reaction. It just sucks! I got talked into it - however, IF the services were just of quality, I would go and sell them myself, no problems with that. BUT they are NOT at all. I feel ripped off and can only tell that this is almost criminal behaviour. I pay ADSL2+ premiums and receive not even ADSL services.

The so-called recruiter only says sorry and she wouldn't be able to help as this would be ACN's support matter and not hers.

And here I think is the problem: the IBO's are selling and are not responsible for any of the stuff their customers receive. Wrong approach in my honest opinion.

I'm outta here as fast as I can. It costs me more money waiting for my downloads and updating my websites than breaking that freaking contract. *** this!


For all of you "pissed consumers" that have nothing good to say about ACN, I truely offer my sympathy. As I read your thoughts and comments I as a current IBO with the company understand and hear what your saying.

However, I am a traditional business man in the Real Estate industry and have seen and heard both the good and bad of those "not happy" with agents and brokers. ACN is just a vehicle for the Network Marketing industry. Network marketing has become the top industry in the WORLD to produce wealth for the average person. There are many other vehicles in this industry.

As for me ACN is the best, for other maybe not. BUT I can gaurantee that every person on this site never took the Network marketing business serious let alone ACN.

For all of you that feel wronged again I am sorry, I hope your journey in the traditional world works out for you, BUT if at some time in the future you tire of laboring as slaves for corporate america, take a good look at Network marketing, with an open mind and pursue your dreams. God Bless


I dated someone somewhat higher up in the company. I saw with my own eyes the lies, subterfuge and outright fraud being committed to get people to sign up.

No employer other than them requires that your purchase three of their premium services in order to even continue working with the company. This is on top of the initial $500.00 PLUS expenses for accessing the back office, so called. Even their conferences held quarterly are not free. You have to pay to go and also all of your own expenses to be trained.

So where does the initial fee go?

It goes into the Ponzi pot that pays the higher ups. It is not a job where you sell services, the only thing they push and push and push is to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. And of course each person you recruit pays the $500.00 fee. It is a scam.

All of the services that you are REQUIRED to buy to maintain your IBO status, can be bought elsewhere for less money. Period. It is simply not possible to ever make back your initial investment. The guy I dated would stand in front of packed, by invitation only, rooms and lie his *** off.

He would consistently say several things. 1. A REAL job is a joke. 2.

College was a ripoff and would not guarantee any income. 3. He personally was making $25 to $30,000 per month. 4.

If you do not make money in ACN it is because you are lazy. 5. If your family or friends do not encourage you in ACN, they are brown apples, or spoilsports. The recommended resolution?

CUT OFF ALL TIES WITH FAMILY! It is a Ponzi scheme with a cult like theme. Too much like a cult for comfort. They have their own language and if you do not know some or any of it you are laughed at.

If you disagree you are frozen out. It is the most immoral scheme around because it destroys entire families, both financially and relationship wise.

Something needs to be done to stop them. Not everyone has the ability, education or intelligence to understand how foul they are until their money is gone and relationships are destroyed.


Yes they will cut ties with their family if they do not want to put their verizon, electric, etch thru them. I think they are lost people looking to fit in somewhere. :sigh


Stop the ***.


Another counter claim written by the ACN hired anti BS artists, to deceive the public.

ACN is not legitimate, bottom line. If they were they would not hold private meetings and be public where they post legit numbers, websites and contact information.


ACN IS a joke!! sPRINT AT&T, verizon, will outsource it services to anyone that wants them including Best buy, walmart, target.

Get real anywhere they can make money they will. YOU HAVEN'T A CLUE YET!!

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