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ACN provides an Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss. Therefore your success cannot be guaranteed by ACN as the responsibility of the success of your business is up to you.

In order to earn income under the ACN compensation plan you must acquire customers. ACN allows IBO's to offer essential products and services consumers and businesses use every day. 

It has been said that opinions are the cheapest commodity in the world.  Not every IBO will achieve success with ACN, just as not every business owner will succeed in traditional business.  Unfortunately, when some people fail at something, they will blame everything else for their failure other than the true reason - themselves.  Buying into these opinions are not research, as would buying into thinking that just by joining ACN and putting in minimal work will lead you to financial freedom.

So is ACN a scam? I believe three groups of people will try to convince you that it is.

1. Those that have failed in their own business with ACN

2. Those that don't agree with or don't understand multi-level marketing

3. Other Service Providers in Countries that ACN is dragging customers away from

Ask yourself this - Who would have the biggest motive to brand ACN a scam?

ACN is an easy target, especially on the net where no credibility or accountability is required for your comments.

ACN reports in their latest DVD opportunity overview that thousands of IBO's have achieved real financial freedom and  literally tens of thousands of others have created lucrative part time or full time businesses of their very own. That is documented and accounted for.

acnintegrity dot com ACN's Founders are committed to ensuring the company and its IBOs adhere to the highest ethical standards and perform under a marketing plan that complies with consumer protection laws. That is documented and accounted for.

The Scam really is that people/competitors are allowed to get away with making invalid comments and attacking the company that has done nothing wrong and these people get no consequences for these comments

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Best quote I've ever heard...(twicked a bit for ACN)

"Success in this company is just LUCK. Ask any FAILURE!"

People shouldn't hate on anothers want, drive, and success. ACN provides that opportunity for you but it is about what you do with it! You have to work for what you want...nothing is just given to you!

Thank you ACN for that opportunity!


So much whinging and complaining by most likely non achievers in life. You can come up with an excuse to justify anything in life...

remember that one... You can justify any belief with an excuse....

There are too many people winning in ACN to believe all the whinging non achievers! If you believe in yourself, you can do it without the whingers and they can keep on whinging when you are winning because they will have an excuse as to why you can win and why they can't


Of course you have to work. As for longevity in MLM, ACN appears to be ahead of the rest as it involves services


I have been in many MLM's and I will tell you if you are not prepared to work, and think this is easy, then it isn't for you. I think some of these folks on here are looking for a get rich quick thing and ACN is not it. You are not required to by anything, but to qualify for residual income you do. It is plain and clear in the contract.

So if you just want folks to go to your site when they go to upgrade their phones on their existing carrier, you get points, the more points you get the more residual you get. Recruiting others it a whole different animal and you are not required to do that either, but if you want to and you are good at it, then that is where the bonuses come in. People have to realize that unless you win the lottery which those odds are *** horrible, yet people still blow plenty of money on that, you are not going to get rich quick with any business, unless you are good at branding your own product a get it to go like "Kate Spade" etc.

Folks need to use their common sense, MLM isn't for everyone, but it certainly isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately, now because of other scams out there the word "Multy level Marketing" is a bad word. So many will lose out on good opportunity's.

I am also a Shaklee Independent Rep and that is also a "MLM" unfortunatley you can't get people to see the quality difference between Shaklee supplements and store brands, and even though I don't have a team I still buy the products because I believe in them. Well I also believe in ACN, as long as you are level headed about owning your own business in something like this, and don't expect miracles I think many can do well, including me and I just started, knowing what MLM is. I wish those who are working ACN much business success and to those who don't like it, well I hope your linear paycheck will see you all they way through your retirement, well if there is still retirement when you get there.


Anthony, I find it interesting your definition if reps bashing former customers... all I see is a bunch of unsubstantiated comments bashing ACN who don't deserve any of it.

If there is some dodgy reps out there that pressure people then they are going against what ACN advises. If you don't see the ACN vision, move on.

For all the dodgy reps out there that have been deactivated by ACN for breaking codes of ethics, stop hiding behind your fake identity, bashing ACN and making up stories. Grow up


Any service with these type of negativity can't be legitimate. You even have ACN reps in here trying to defend the company, but they are doing it in a rude and vulgar way.

I've complained about Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, etc., but I can't remember that reps ever being online bashing former customers. Shame on you ACN Reps.

But to support "stay OUT!" comments. The presentation I went to went down exactly as you described it. Once I started asking questions they wouldn't give me solid answers and to make matters worse everytime the rep danced around the question he would ask me "are you willing to swipe your card today to get started?".

He had to ask me that about 3 times in one conversation. Once again shame on you ACN for putting pressure on reps to get people to pay your 499 signup fee :(


Stay out, you seem very upset about your experience. Perhaps you don't deal very well with rejection.

Taking a no personally will make you quit if you don't see the long term vision. Marketing in your own business is not for the weak in mind, you have to be strong. Blaming your upline and calling them names will get you nowhere.

This company offers a simple plan - get some customers and get others to do the same.... If you want questions answered always call the company, don't rely on others if you think they are shady


Here is the first thing I learned about this catchy business "You are in Business for Yourself, but not By Yourself." The meetings and presentations are all the same, yet every time you see them with a Guest you bring along - they motivate you to believe in this business and make the big bucks and also get all of your family involved- "if they love you they will help you out by signing". Not to mention you are also being charged for the meetings you are attending and bringing a guest (a potential partner under you). Once you ask questions that you have about the products you are selling because you want to be more knowledgeable- good luck getting the correct information. Truth is even the people superior to you don't know, from 5-10% to bill it is actually a variable rate of 1-2%. :) Then God forbid someone else from your partners has the same question at a different time- the % savings will change drastically. Eventually they will blame you for not researching your products and playing the excuse/blame game. ACN will love you if you keep recruiting people. They will focus on you because you will be what more or less determines their advancement to the next higher position. Why would someone focus on a person underneath you who truly is stuck and needs help recruiting people and "understanding" this business better when they can focus on someone who is already on the path to success? You can bet all the gold in the world that once you are stuck and if you don't have a great start -" You are in business for yourself and BY YOURSELF". If you are stuck all they will say is you don't believe in yourself enough and you are not following the "program and training correctly".

Somehow many times the presenters of private meetings, or seminars, or whatever it may possibly be will forget to tell you that there is a renewal fee of 149.99$ every year (even if you ask the first time if there is a renewal fee in my experience they said no and then denied that ever happened when approached about it later). The TCs, RDs, RVPs make themselves available for ANY Questions as they say- just ask. In my experience, these are the people who LIED the most and then tried to make it seem like I didn't know what I was talking about , or what my team was talking about.

When approached by a partner underneath me to show their business accounts, like it was shown to 2-3 of my team members, it was a problem for people who might want to ask more questions about it or observe the checks further more. BIG SHOTS usually do not hide anything they claim to be proud of right? So stories never added up and some people seemed way too shady and repetitive at each event attended. When a few people decided to terminate their IBO memberships with ACN- all *** broke loose with phone calls and text messages the size of "Lord of the Rings" novels to assure me they respect my decision... but i am making the BIGGEST mistake of my life and that I have had great potential and I was very close to achieving great things and getting the next bonus. How can I do that?! :))

After explaining all the lies that this person was caught in - he claimed that was not true and in fact I was looking for excuses to call him a liar. Then he said my family did not ask him any of the questions about the bills and accounts and he can prove us all wrong... Why now?! When the majority of my team understood how money thirsty and desperate these people are and how they put up a facade to trick you into joining so you bust your butt to actually first help them succeed to the higher level and make some bonuses so they can cover their expenses. Because residual is worth pennies, and small bucks unless you breathe, eat, and see only ACN. After seeing that nobody wants to rejoin even after the RVPs called directly,then the game plan changed - it was time for them to try and convince your best friends and family how you are trying to rob them of their money and brainwash them based off of reviews of people that were never successful in this business and how they will work with you directly to prove them wrong and show them big money... Ahhh what a load of stinky ***! :) Just 40 hrs ago that same person was saying how they wouldnt care much if people who didnt do much quit...well once a lot of people quit they will go after the weakest links to try and convince them otherwise. And that is why ACN is not only the potential destroyer of your financial freedom and dreams for which you join , but also the VERY possible destroyer of many dear friendships and family ties- depends on how far you allow yourself to get sucked into this madness. I for one, was lucky to be smarter and EXIT on time with no big loss. If you are a selfish crook not giving a *** about your family, friends, and other people - you might be the right person for this FAKE independent business that you can't even sell when you decide to quit. I sure hope, you get a good laugh out of ACN as I did along with my partners. It is truly a priceless circus -if you identify the signs in the beginning. An RVP and so on will not call anyone to beg them to stay and not spread *** about ACN (even though they don't need your money and people cause they have a gazillion people under them) if that person and company was as well off financially as they present themselves and ACN to be. So... if you want to waste your time and money and relationships with people - don't think twice. Fall into this pool of non-stop brainwashing and motivation towards a loong road of *** and misery as I see it to be. :) Cheers to all of those smart people out there that realize what a big joke ACN is along with all the posers and actors in it serving as role models to those joining. :) I hope the "big fish" can sleep at night for lying to so many innocent people. But then again, it will all come back to them in one form or another.


Hey needs2stop, your language sounds a lot like someone without success....forced to quit... this guy lost $$$$....they can't even make it work for themselves...

and calling a legitimate and lawful multi level marketing a pyramid scheme... well good luck with life, sounds like you will need it


I was in ACN and lost over $1000. The guy I signed under lost over $2000.

And our mentor lost a few thousand dollars himself after wasting two years on this pyramid scam. It gets worse. His mentor, an RVP, got downgraded to a TC after his years of hard work. And his brother, a TC, was forced to quit after his downline bailed out from under him.

ACN is a recipe for failure. These hucksters tell you what you want to hear, which was told to them, but they can't even make it work for themselves.

Avoid this pyramid scheme at all costs! Trust me, you'll thank me!


:grin ...I agree that people do not understand this business at all. It is a business opportunity and you get what you put into it.

It is just too bad that people are so off put and scared of multi level opportunity. I was also one of those who thought it had to be a scam.

For years however, I did it the american way and worked for others and now I am financially unprepared for the future and live paycheck to paycheck....hmmmm so what is so bad about being your own boss through acn or any other? And possibly making more money and working at home???

@mrs Smith

mrs smith don't do it.read the post above yours,he is telling the truth.if you want to make money this way start your own pyramid scheme at least you will make money.acn is a crock of ***!

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