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Sometimes we hear something that may sound too good to be true. We often hear about people maybe even family or freinds that feel they have been cheated somehow.

I have found that when we take the advice from someone who feels like they have been cheated, we may not get the best advice.

Many people on this board have a complaint about ACN. Some people may have paid a start up fee and perhaps even paid for a few services. Allow me to ask a simple question please.

If any of you owned a gas station lets say an Exxon Station, would you still buy gas from Shell Oil. I think not.

There is no difference in buying services from ACN if you're an rep with ACN. Also, as I look over the past 20 years or so I begin to think. Had I invested in a small start up company called Microsoft where would I be today?

To hear some random guy talk about how every home would have a personal computer ( like the one before me & you today ) that was just crazy talk.

What if you had the chance to make a small commisson on every Microsoft product sold. Or a commission on every PC sold around the world.

Would you be here writing about ACN. I think not. You would be on an island having drinks with fruit hanging off the side of your glass.

My point is no matter which direct selling company you sign up with ACN, 5 Linqs, Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef or Amway you will only get out if it what YOU put in it.

Any one can pay $500.00 and become a rep. So what your a rep. No one cares. But, what happens when you work that business like it's a 500 million dollar operation not a $500.00 mlm?

That's what happen with Bill Gates. He worked his company as if he was a fortune 500 company when he was selling stocks written on a brown paper bag.

Now, you talk about a scam. Here is some unknown guy, who has dropped out of college, and wants to sell you stock in a company that only exist in his mind! Don't forget the stock cert. was hand written on a brown paper bag.

You see vision is a gift, it is not granted to everyone. However opinions are given out freely.

Eveyone has one. And yes they all stink.

The next time someone tells you something is a scam. Ask them what exactly did they fail to do?

You need not ask what they did, they will tell you that first. No one wants to admit failure. Therefore you have to ask.

I hope my words have at least given one person the chance work at his MLM and really know that the only you can fail is to quit.

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It is more dangerous to ask the Police to find the killer. We all know its the handiwork of those who want to win at all cost. i just suggest to governor not to depend on police but instead can do do whatever from your point of view,your own investigation and protection

Mobilize the people to be security conscious at all times.

We are praying for you to be able to surmount these problems and have a landslide victory at the pool.


Stocks are sold only at stock exchanges. There is an extremely long and very expensive process to becoming a public company, which means Bill Gates was already rich when he sold stock, so it was not on a paper bag.


ACN is a blessine for my family and I. We have shown it to many people that are changing their lives.

Consider it, and you might save a life!

So many people would save there homes if they just made an extra $100 to do it!



ACN was a huge eye opener. I'm so happy it was shown to me!



Those that can do, those that can't criticize!


Will every home have a video phone in it one day? Hopefully. Will it be from ACN? Probably, not.

While their product does have some wow factor, it's requires an overpriced service. Skype has a video phone, while the quality of the phone isn't as good as the IRIS-3000, the most you will ever pay is about $6/month, if anything at all ($30/month minimum with ACN along with per minute charges, etc). Now ACN tells me that you have to be right next to your computer to use you Skype phone, and that seems inconvenient. There are two problems with that logic; 1)That inconvenience isn't worth $30/month, 2)you can use the Skype anywhere with enough cable or a wireless setup. There are other stipulations to the ACN video phone service, but I zoned out due to lack of interest.

ACN also offers some very minimal discounts on mobile phones and paying those cell phone bills. I happen to get a better discount through work and, therefore, don't need them for that, either. They carry phones for all the major providers at discount, but they are often the last to know when there has been a significant price reduction on the phones. Often times, the discounts they thought they had are $50 or more over the price offered by the carrier (look at the Sprint Palm Pre on the ACN and Sprint websites). Also, they do not offer all the phones the carrier has, if you IPhone envy, ACN can't help you. If you don't get a discount elsewhere, then maybe you should look into the cell phone offers they have. I don't think the deals are great, but if you are approached by family/friends in ACN, then this would be the easiest way to help them out. Besides if you can save a buck, why not?

They offer other services as well, depending on area such as; internet service, satellite tv, light bill payment (at very little discount, Texas only, for now, I think), home security service, and of all things-landline service. I can't remember the last time I used one of those, but I guess if you live in the sticks you could use one. They told me every home should have a landline, in case of a power outage, and I agree. Except that the only number I'm concerned with dialing is 911. Guess what, if you have a phone jack for a landline in your house, you can dial 911. So my landline phone is in my emergency box.

Now, I'm not saying ACN is all bad, it's just not for me or anyone I know. I sit through their presentations every two weeks (my wife is a rep), *** I even bring people over. They can offer discounts on some services, you probably already use and to me that's all they've got. I just feel that people are alot more tech savvy and will be turned off with the "flagship product," the iris-3000 video phone. When your flagship fails to impress, no one wants to hear anything else you have to say. That is exactly what has happened at every one of these meetings. I guess if we went after an older crowd, they'd buy this ***. The whole Donald Trump thing doesn't impress me, he endorses anything.

That's it, I guess.


You can join ACN for $199 right now.

I wonder how this makes those that paid $499 feel?

I see no reason to do this unless your 20ish and need to learn the lessons I've already learned with other MLM's.



I have no idea what rock you live under. My Goodness, every large company pays for a celebrity to endorse products.

Ever heard of a young man named Tiger Woods? A very small company called uh lets see... Oh yeah Nike! Come on Todd you can not that out of touch..

Can you? Well judging by your post, Yes you are. However as I read the story I do not think Microsoft is be compared to an MLM as much as you think. It appears that the writer was trying to show motivation.

As far a commission starved sales force the size of Rhode Island is concerned, that goes to show that you have not done any research on this company. The sale force is the size of Texas. *** I mean it's big. And guess what your own sister wants in.

If you were smart you would get off this board and get on the phone and help your sister. Then you both can retire millionares. The way it looks she will retire with millions, and you will be wondering why didn't I take a chance too. Oh thats right the $499 dollars out of your account.

Too bad. Best Wishes


I'm sorry, comparing an MLM to Microsoft is laughable. Bill Gates never paid a celebrity to endorse his company nor needed to. His ideas rested comfortably on their own brilliance, and the assistance of several bright minds which started Microsoft.

You have to ask yourself, if this technology is so incredible, why does it *need* a commission-starved sales force the size of rhode island to help it succeed?

I'm only on this board because my derelict sister called me 10 minutes ago bgging me to let her take over my cell phone plan, I guess she went to an ACN meeting last night and is now convinced this will change her life.

If she does buy herself into the plan, she is the prime example of someone whose involvement with this deal will start and end with unloading $499 from her checking account.

Again, and I think the supporters of ACN will agree, this is NOT a free lunch, and for those looking to turn their lives around by selling this product, consider the incredible commitment it takes to start your own business.


Perhaps if you read the agreement you signed, you would see that you signed a 2 year contract with ACN. Just like Verizon.

Perhaps if you became a ACN Rep and did some real work, you would not be here bashing this GREAT Company.

Get a life loser. It's people like you that give a bad name to a Great Company like ACN that has helps thousands of people change their lives.


So Former acn Customer REALLY thinks because he used profanity, it made a difference. ACN or any other company probably wouldn't want much to do w/ him anyway.

MLM's work if you work them. Don't TRY it, do it.


Your coment is the typical sales pitch right from ACN. You must be desperate for a sale to get on the complaints sight!!


Things arent always easy. But, I think you're story will help a lot of people.

If they are unsure about acn.


Sounds like ACN paid them to do that ...screw acn. When I lost my job, I told them to stop blling my checking account because I have to pay overdraft fees to my bank.

The only way I can have service with them is if I did automatic bill pay. Well i could no longer afford them. for the sake of my lost job, I discontinued my service and wanted me to pay my last bill. I said send me a final statement then I would pay when I get the money...they kept taking money from my account for a straight week.

I had to pay my bank over 100 dollars in overdraft fees. They finally quit after, I called and cussed them out and made the represenitive guy read back to me the note I had him post in my account stating them to stop taking money from my debit account


anyone can pay to have a job.....

who really owns this thing???

not you...


That was awesome!

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