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You're probably reading this because you're thinking of joining ACN but not sure. Before you sign up there are some things you must know.

#1- if you're letting all the negative comments get into your head then you probably shouldn't sign up!!

#2- if you're not the one responsible for all the bills then ACN probably wont interest you

#3- before you THINK of signing up, ask for the current month Bonus Document for new IBOs and try to understand it

#4 If you do sign up, you have 14 days to get your money back (10 business days + 4 weekend days)

#5- If you DO sign up then Use #3 and #4 together...tell whoever is bringing you in to help you make that bonus within the 14 days or you'll quit (it's usually $800-$1000)...that will be your money back plus profits...if you can't achieve this with your upline's help then you're both probably not focused enough ...I didn't achieve any of these...but when someone i brought in did things started to make sense

I think ACN is hard but awesome...at first i always thought it was too good to be true...but when i got in it all started making sense as the work that had to be done was never really mentioned in the meeting and it's next to impossible to succeed in this if you have a closed mind...go follow guys like Tai Lopez on youtube you'll learn a thing or 2...I am not working the way im supposed to in ACN but it's real and it does work...my cousin got a bonus check of $747 through the first 2 weeks and I have a picture and always use it as proof for anybody who doesnt believe me...i just hate that I'm the one who brought her in and she's making more money than me...but once i get my focus back I'll be fine

anybody interested in knowing more can contact me through this site mardimar.services4u.com just fill out the survey and i'll get an email

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

ACN Pros: Way people got together, Flash wireless, Unique opportunity, Chance to succeed.

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#6 once you realize it's a pyramid scheme, you definitely shouldn't sign up.


U should quit your day job as well, its a pyramid scheme as well. You have a manager, sup, and employee and so forth to follow through, and you were suckered in to join. .....SMH


Does ACN legal allow you to show a picture of your cousin's check to entice new people to join? What would ACN do if the many RVPs that have left ACN because their checks were too small showed pictures of their checks?

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