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my best friend was brainwashed into this scam and tried to get me on it as well. Anyways so I bought into it and was told it'd be high speed and I'd have 10 days to return it.

It took 2 weeks for the arrival and within hours of having the internet set was horrible and nothing would load so I called in and asked to return it, not only did they scam me with the 10 days ***, but I was charged a cancellation fee. I asked a supervisor to call me and instead she sent me an email pretty much saying too bad so sad and you owe us a cancellation fee. They are very rude and not helpful whatsoever. They were supposed to email me the label to send it back or I'll get charged and I've already waited a week so guess I'll have an additional charge.

Luckily we found a loop hole in their contract and well be suing after our lawyer says we have grounds. If anyone else had a similar problem, I want to do what it takes to take this pyramid scheming company down. Their products are horrible and they have ex convicts as their representatives.

They do not screen them whatsoever, they just want your money . Don't make the same mistake I did.

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For all you folks considering joining ACN, please dont do it. At the least, you stand to lose $500, at the most, your friends, family, your job and all your savings.

The average person in montana who joined ACN as an IBO lost $15000.

A few days ago, I was suckered into attending an ACN meeting and narrowly escaped with my $500 still intact. The "businees opportunity" is quite simple and enticing when you look at it from afar. But on closer examination, it's quite obvious that this is just another type of MLM pyramid scheme similar to the likes of Amway and Quixtar.

You, the IBO, are the customer.

The product they are selling is quite simply the $500 sign-up fee, the $150 annual fee, the $40 monthly fee and the fees your pay for all those conferences. You are bringing other IBO's (customers) in who will also pay most, if not all of those same fees. None of you will make money enough to even break even.

In Canada, ACN is required to disclose the “average” income of ACN sales reps. The ACN Canadian website reports the average of just the “active” reps to be only $9 a week.

That’s exponentially less than the cost of joining and actively participating.

You have been warned. If you have an intelligence whatsoever, please read other reports on ripoffreport and even a simple google search for the company's financials will give you all you need to make an informed decision.

Here is some objective information from eHow about ACN's financials: A 2008 legal document released by Montana's State Office of the Auditor indicates that the average ACN rep earns less than the $499 fee required to join ACN. In 2008, 91 citizens of Montana paid a total of $61,741 in joining fees to ACN.

Only two of these individuals earned more than $500 in income, with one earning $700 and the other earning $696 for the year. These 91 ACN reps earned a combined total of $783 in 2008 in commissions, with all remaining earnings tied to referring other reps. In 2009, 312 people in Montana paid more than $230,000 in fees to ACN. These 312 people combined earned a total of $16,615 for the year, with just $900 of this amount paid as commission for sales.

The rest of this income came from referrals. Based on this information, the state of Montana filed a temporary cease and desist against ACN within the state in 2008.

These filings accuse ACN of functioning as an illegal pyramid scheme. Read more:


Thanks deal man...I was conned into going here today


I normally treat letters like yours as *** with a capital C.

But in your case you have written to inform the world that you are a person who is a loud mouth non informed, non performing complete was of space on earth.

When you grow up and do interview positive thinking successful business men and not losers you will be awakened to the facts.

Feel so sorry for you.



Before you throw stones at anyone for what they say, you might want to learn how to spell and put grammatically correct sentences together.. I feel sorry for anyone that might be in your down-line...

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