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When my husband and I looked at ACN in May 2008 we just wanted a way to earn some extra money to help pay our bills. We were told; "it is not an MLM, even though it looks like one" and "we are doing a national rollout and those who have sold enough volume will get people automatically placed under them".

Never happened!

I faxed in a cancellation notice on 11/13/09 and they "conveniently" never recieved it. This *** phone has never worked and when I tried to cancel after paying $38.99 for a year for nothing, they now say it's a 2 year contract and want to charge us a fee for cancelling!! The phone is old technology, not even cordless!

We now have to change our debit cards to stop the constant billing, it's the only way to stop this horrible company. Thank God we never sold this to anyone!

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even after they shut my phone off, they charged me for an extra month. when i tried to talk to customer service about it they treated me horrible.

The woman I delt with told me that they didnt care cuz it would go on my credit report if i didnt pay. I was going to pay my bill but didnt want to be charged for the extra month.

After this experience I want nothing to do with them. I also hated the pro-rated charge, I didnt even have phone service for 2 weeks and then they billed be for a month.

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