Eugene, Oregon

I've been with them about four months now, and at first it was a little shaky. I didn't know how the services worked and thought they were being deceitful, but they refunded my overage charge do to my own ignorance.

I gave them more then just a month and now it's been four months. Its certainly paid off. I'm not trying to make money or anything, and when I first heard it I thought maybe a pyramid scheme. I just wanted discounted service so I figured I'd give it a shot.

I didn't have to buy into anything, just switch my service which I was planning on doing anyway since I don't get service at my new house. I wanted a cheaper bill and I sure got it. I save $60 a month on my four services, and I've got twice the coverage!

My phone now works out at my new house. Customer service when I've had to call, was very helpful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Reason of review: good service, good price, Plus feeding kids!.

ACN Pros: Customer service, Prices, Reliability, Service, Friendly co workers.

ACN Cons: Turning off mobile data manually, No electricity service in oregon.

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So, you switched four services and hoped for the best? What did they overcharge you for, and what would have happened if you didn't complain about it? I imagine you are not talking about switching out of the main cell or land-line phone companies, because that's all this company offers - just curious why it didn't work when you went direct, but it did when you went through a middle man broker?


was this an ad by the company...??!!!


A positive comment must mean it's an ad for the company? Why can't it just be a positive comment?

Have you never been satisfied with a service before and seen it smeared, and therefore felt the urge to voice your opinion?

What a very negative person to feel that way.

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