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Reading all the reviews is very interesting. I don't think it's right calling people " lazy whiners" because they aren't psychologically built for aggressive sales.

From what I'm gathering that's what this is. Sure you can make money. However, depending on their character and ability to sell they could work 4-16 hours in one day. So I was approached by a long time friend about ACN.

Upon reading the reviews I'm reading time Vs money. Comparing one successful person with this company and the time it took them to make 2100. In one month I make more at my 8-5 day job that has wonderful benefits including life insurance and pension of which costs me nothing. I don't think ACN can compete with what I already have.

However, if ACN is still around when I retire early definitely going to try them out.

Good luck to all of you. Stay humble!

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Thank you for your review. I was approached as well by a trusted friend.

I'm doing my research. Can I ask what you do?

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