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I recently overpaid ACN - this was an on line payment and for some strange

reason the company took 2 payments - on line confirmation was for one

payment. My bank statement shows two payments within a minute for $50.44.

ACN Customer Service is making me jump through hoops to get this money back

in my checking account, even though they are fully aware of the overpayment.

They wanted me to Fax my bank statement - how ridiculous. All I want is th

overpayment put back into my account. I am faxing a copy of my bank statement with all blacked out but the 2 $50.44 payments

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I'm sory to hear that, you are being charged double.

I agree with you the customer service reps or the Account reps. are either incompitant or the most careless people. In my case they did some service on some body's phonce and conveniently charged on my Credit card. No they disconnected my service and no one is available to clarify.

This co is looking only to dperead their business, but service part is ignored completely.

This is the only company which has not published the higher authorities contact details and also this is the only company which has no complaint department.

For those who has nothing else to do may be good at ACN, it's a pass time for them. They will be hardworking people in life after some time.

ACN service is a bull-***.


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