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Was approached about this ACN job. This guy was like man this job is something else.

I can knock your light bill down and all this other stuff. He was like they be having all these trips every month or whatever. I told him i will look into the job. So he was like we having a meeting next Wednesday which was this passed Wednesday july 2nd.

So i go in there its like 3 other folks in there being recruited. One of the ACN reps gave us the rundown about being an ACN rep. About all the perks and where he was in the company. But he never ran down what the job was really about.

Then he brung up the $500 fee. As soon as he said that i was pissed. 1st of all what job have u pay to join them. 2nd the guy that approached me about it didnt say *** about that $500 fee.

Smh so after they was done with the 20 minute meeting they was trying to convince me to join up. I told the guy that invited me that yall not gonna get me to join this. This is MY choice. Idgaf about none of the perks because all he had to do was be DEADUP with me about the fee.

I just walked out that place. I was no more good.

Oh the acn rep said "we get alot of negative reviews, but dont pay that anymind" oh really. *** ACN.

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@ Deejay- It sounds like the real money is in signing people up. Is this where all the bonuses come from?


Thinking like an employee! ! Its not a job its called buliding your own business.


It's not a job it's called building your own recruiting business.


You got some bad English...


You know, I dont doubt that this compan6 is a piece of *** in some way. The only problem I have is that negative reviews are coming from people who use words like "brung.

You probably didnt make it out of sixth grade and now you are trying to make quick cash. It takes time from my understanding. And get in with a good group who have customer service experience.

Almost all the negative reviews seem to come from thugs and uneducated people. Anyway thats all!


Yea acn is a good group of ppl. ***


He's educated enough not to get $500.00 stolen from him.


Using your logic I could point out that you forgot to complete your double quotes on the word "brung. I also believe they teach in 6th grade to use a single quote in contractions such as didn't. (You said didnt) But for me to be snotty like that would encourage you to find errors in my own writing and then we'd go on forever hauling out dictionaries and pointing out all the spelling and grammar errors in each other writing becoming more and more bitter by the moment.

Perhaps it is the content and not the grammar that is the point of these posts.


As I understand it, you have to pay 500 for your own business which they create a personalized website for you selling services at discount prices for which you use everyday anyways. Ever try to start a business with 500?


I wouldn't mind paying $500 or $5000 (after a loan) for tangible equity for my own business or for reliable service, but I don't know what $500 to ACN would get me besides a copy of their pretty website with my own subdomain.


First of all the rep who spoke to you about this should not have called this just 'a job'. It's a business and you work for your self.

Secondly, for most businesses you start, you will need some sort of investment.

The $500 you invest is your capital, which you can earn back in the first month if you put some effort in.

I was approached more than a year ago to join ACN. At that I was busy with my 9-5 job and did not want to take another commitment. I have been in telecoms industry for a while now and I have had experience with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) before.

I decided to join ACN, purely because of the business model they have. The difference here in comparison to other MLM firms is that your commission grow as your team grows. So rather than fighting to recruit people under you, you recruit just three people and help them build a team under them. The best part is that your up line needs to grow the team under you, for him/her to make money.

So when they find a good candidate, they will recruit them in your team. You may not even know this person, but you will get paid for the work that he/she does. In the same way, when you meet anyone who has good potential, you place them under a member who is struggling in your team to help the both of you.

With other MLM firms the commissions reduces towards the lower levels of your team. But here you earn more money if you have a large team.

It's also important to join a good team, where your up line is active and willing to provide support.

Finally this is a long term plan.

If you work hard then you can start earning more than most of the day jobs in 3 months. But if you do this part time, you can still earn a proper sum of money every month after a year.


This guy was desperate. At 1st it was $500 then he tried to get me in for $350.

The meeting was only for 20 mins and talked about all positives none of the negatives. I told them i need more information and they said well he pretty much covered everything. Look i wasnt born last night. They said it was a get rich slow thing but i dont have all year to make some type of income.

Dont *** me and say its one thing and i found out its more ***. They didnt say nothing about video phones and the monthly and yearly fees.


I joined under some friends .. they were a power couple..

both coming from jobs in Sales. So, they knew what to do in order to make it work! But, they dove out of the company because they were approached about another company. I soon followed..

quiting ACN.

They only been in the new company for several months. They now both drive bmw.. and bought a brand new home. They are helping other people do the same.

If anyone is interested.. contact me : Yes, takes a little money in the beginning.... would you like to make 2000.00 /week...

this power couple is making 19,000 a month.


Lol I call BS.


You have to spend money to make money. One time business investment is good

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