Providence, Rhode Island

my friend started acn part time. his family members basically dis owned him because of what he recruited them for.

there phones were pieces of *** that maybe worked properly a 1/5th of the time and every other service they provided ended up costing them more money. after he hurt his family relationships with taking $500 for sign up fee and $30 a month for a *** phone service he was still determined to make it work and he started doing it full time in october of 2009. he recruited 5 more random people from doing home presentation from referrals. he spents 13 hours a day for months trying to make it work.

acn cut off his trails and now he recieves no residual income. he is embarrassed to talk to me about it because I told him it was a bad idea to start. these people pry on weak people and very smart and determined people. if you're a young mother or father without a foundation to raise your kids or you are an older person who's struggling with retirement funds....WATCH OUT!

THESE PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!!! They have four different locations all over the world so eventually when they wanna stop paying there residuals, they can just move the business to another country. The only way to be successful...and trust me you'll make plenty of dirty being at the top...FROM THE BEGINNING. At this point anybody who comes into this company is simply a pawn in the eventual plan to move all theres trails and all there schemes to another country.

Come work with me @ Aflac. its a %100 commission job but at least It's a legitimate fortune 500 company with great products. and wow...we have RESIDUAL INCOME....AMAAAAZING!!! I THOUGHT ACN WAS THE ONLY ONE?!?

we certainly don't ask for money from you to sell there product. If the product is that good...why do you need to pay to help sell it????

makes no sense. but as long as a sleazy salesman can bring out the pain someone is is easy to brainwash them

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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It's funny how all you negative people out there are so convinced your opinion is right and any deviation from your own opinion is simply unacceptable.

Do any of you have any real idea about ACN? All I read is whaa whaa whaa, this independent rep did this, they did that! Pyramid Scam whaa whaa whaa!!

People this is direct selling of a product. If your friend wants to give it a go, that's their right. How many of you are employees, getting leveraged yourselves by your employer, I'd say nearly every last one of you!!

ACN offers services that people need and use everyday, simple as that. VOIP is obviously different to a normal system, get over it


@ Kris so you are saying McDonald's, Wendy's, Jack n the box and every company that a person has to pay for to operate as a business is a scam? See most people like you are confused.

You are not paying 499 for a job. You are paying for a business. Plus the 499 is a tax write off at the end of the year because the government reconize companies like ACN as a business. Try to own a McDonalds with out paying the 1.5 million for one.

People will laugh at you. Stop confusing being an ACN rep as a job.

You are buying a business. Just like you would any other business.


@ Kris so you are saying McDonald's, Wendy's, Jack n the box and every company that a person has to pay for to operate as a business is a scam? See most people like you are confused.

You are not paying 499 for a job. You are paying for a business. Plus the 499 is a tax write off at the end of the year because the government reconize companies like ACN as a business. Try to own a McDonalds with out paying the 1.5 million for one.

People will laugh at you. Stop confusing being an ACN rep as a job.

You are buying a business. Just like you would any other business.


They prey on the vulnerable and the easily led. Invitees to their meetings are victims of a very cyncial behavioural economics act.

The "trainers" fill their heads with dreams of millionaire riches and "retiring in a few years".

That's why you see ACN reps destroying their relationhsips with their families and friends.

They've been manipulated into believing the ends justify the means, and that they'll be rich soon enough.

The most despicable part is that ACN deliberately tries to poison the reps' minds against those who try to wake them up, as the author here has found out.


A.Parker - If ACN is what you say it is,a "legitimate opportunity for those with integrity, a good work ethic, and a desire to help other people." I am sad to say you represent this in such a poor light with your words in response here. I have heard valid issues with people having poor uplines.

Does this make those people losers?

Or, maybe they have just come down with a case of sloth? Anyways, I was interested in ACN but would like to believe all that the company says but unfortunately some responses reveal the truth about you people "at the top."


I made money with ACN. Not a ton, but a decent amount.

I was able to take a vacation last year due to ACN income. Maybe he'll be fine.

Do you think he is an ***? Why do you show him no faith?


what i hate is that a good friend is now hounding us to attend his "help me with moral support to start my new exciting business" speech everytime we talk.

I know he is under pressure to sign-up others.

I researched ACN the first time he mentioned the company and haven't found ANY good things to say about it.

I mentioned to him that ACN is just another Mult-Level company and that perhaps he is way too low on the ladder to make any real $. Now he won't talk to me.

Well, sorry, but being a friend doesn't require me to support this hare-brained plan.

But I'll be there in the end to hear his complaints about how he got ripped off.

I won't tell him "I told you so".


kws1949, as stated in another post, if you feel as though an ACN Representative is in violation of the company's policies & procedures, please alert ACN Representative Services at 704-260-3226. Ask for a member of the Compliance Department.

We would like to know so that we can put a stop to any unethical behavior.

We take your comment very seriously. Thank you for your help.


My father has always been on the look out for "free money". He got conned by a D cup and brown eyes into buying the WHOLE works...Satillite TV, Phone and long distance, cell phone, ADT alarm system ...the works. He THINKS that his initial investment in the ACN 'hand set' is his last major investment and he'll get all the rest of this for $10.00 a month! After all, that's what the pretty sales lady promised.

He has yet to see his real bills.

He has no idea what a VOIC is...or that he needs a high speed internet...which he has to lease from Verizon...for the phone to work. He complains because it's really poor reception...and wonders what happened.

He has a dish cable system that is beyond him. He has NO clue. He canceled the local cable company that he'd had for more than 20 years. He also canceled his land line and long distance from Quest. (I've talked to them...they'd be delighted to hook him back up AND cancel ACN for him)

He has no clue that ACN now OWNS the phone number he has had for the last 50 years, and were he to simply cancel the program, he would not keep that number.

He has no idea why his ADT bill is $65 a month.

He has no idea why his cell phone bill is now more than $90 a month.

I want to intervene and straighten this all out, and probably will, but I want it to *** him damned hard show him that this *** artist (she's been sued...successfully, by families of old men she's scammed once a year for the last 11) has sold him down the river.



How much of the money that TC's make come from signing REPS, and how much comes from signing Customers? I have looked at the math of the residual portion, and can't see it making too much.

The only way a mlm would work would be if someone can actually make a full time living just selling the products. ACN is set up in a way that unless you grow 6-7 levels deep you can not make hardly anything on actual product sells.


I'm a new rep and all the *** written about ACN is a house of cards, no logic to these complaints. In our market we've gone from 2 TC's to 12 in about 4 months.

There's room for about 400 people in this city to make serious money. It's not going to happen in one week!


One misconception I see is that ACN Reps aren't paying $499 to be able to sell phones. The $499 is to purchase a business - where else can you do that?

The business offers the opportunity to save money on services that we already pay for; when we help others save money, we build a business.

It is not get-rich-quick, it is a business that needs work, like any other.

In this economy, with rising taxes, we all need to make more money. ACN is a legitimate way to do so, if you have the right attitude about it. Amway is a company that does $9B/year in annual sales, with network marketing/direct sales. The concept works, but not everyone is suited for it.


I'm sorry, but every single company that I've ever seen that requires you to PAY to SELL THEIR PRODUCTS makes absolutely no sense.

Why would you PAY someone to do WORK for them? I understand the entire premise of the company. I, like a fool, attended a meeting. It was a waste of an hour of my life that I will never get back.

I'm sorry guys, but a company that requires you to pay them $500 in order to sell their own products is a scam. A company that emphasizes more on recruiting people than actually selling the product is a scam. It's a traditional pyramid scheme: get in early, get rich. Get in late, make nothing, do all the work.

They say that, in order to make money, your recruits have to make money. They have to get "qualified" by getting five "customer points" which is achieved by signing people up for services. Sounds great in theory, right? Wrong. They tell you to SIGN YOURSELF UP FOR SERVICES to get you qualified! What?! It sounds like they're using the people that are supposed to SELL the services to BUY the services, PAY the five hundred, and then charge them MONTHLY for websites and other charges! Sorry Charlie -- I see through your cloak made of ice.


I have a friend who is currently involved with this Company. He would like to get me involved.

I don't think I will at this point. There are quite a few negative write-ups on this company. Although I'm still investigating, why would one bother after coming to this site and If it sounds like Amway and looks like Amway, it probably is like Amway.

Actually, I thought I'd look into some of the services for the benefit of reducing my payout on my telco bills. I guess that won't happen either. It's funny because my brother gets involved in all these MLM thingies and he's never once been successful. He's had tons of people involved, yet nobody seems to have made any money.

No curious not making a "pre"-judgement. In fact from my observations over the years, these companies are a dime a dozen and have not helped one individual that "I've" known over the years. Obviously, the die hard MLM/ACN peeps will say that I am negative and possible a "loser"- well, no I'm not because I've done my research and quite obviously, you haven't. If you're making lots of money.

I don't believe you. Its like Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS or any other news acronym you want to throw at us.

They all "lie" throught their teeth. Greed being the order of the day, it doesn't upset me or suprise me that any company American or otherwise, would behave this way.


Wow! Another loser making comments about something they know nothing about. Not sure why I am even wasting my time here, but ACN is a legitimate opportunity for those with integrity, a good work ethic, and a desire to help other people.

MLM is not for everyone, so if you are lazy and don't like to help people; don't sign up.

I hit the Team Coordinator position in 7-months from when I started and have replaced the monthly income it took me 20+ years to grow to in the insurance world. I worked for AFLAC for 8-years before they ran that company into the ground, so get your facts straight.

ACN offers the best communication services from all of the top companies and has the #1 video phone in the world. We don't have to inventory anything and we don't have to sell something every month in order to make money.

I also have a house-wife on my team that is just days away from making the TC position after only being in for 4-months. She will make $8K, $10K, maybe $15K and up to $25K a month and growing for the rest of her life.

Find another career in this economy that can offer that!

When people fail, they have to justify their failure on the Internet, rather than stating the facts... they didn't follow the simple system given to them offered by ACN.

Its only $499 people! But treat it like a million dollar franchise and you will succeed.

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