Not many Reps I have spoken to, in researching this company (as they suggest we do before we join) seems to be aware that if you do have a problem with ACN as a Rep, that you will probably have to lay out about $4,000 to $5,000 just to get an arbitration hearing to resolve it. NO ONE actually told me this from ACN.

I looked at all the published documents I could find, and made some phone calls and stumbled upon this information in the process. But you can find out for yourself - if you know where to look! ACN doesn't disclose this expense on their website, or in the IBO agreement they ask you to sign - when you give up all your legal rights and agree to binding arbitration - in Charlotte (that part is disclosed). Nor do they tell you that YOU have to contact the Arbitration firm they use to find out how much this process actually costs.

ACN could offer the much less punitive ($$$) electronic option available - cost effective, and efficient, but no, they INSIST on the painfully expensive - 3 arbitrators at meetings held in Charlotte option instead. YOU will pay to file the claim, then $thousands to retain 3 arbitrators, and then pay for airfare and hotel - if you don't live in or near Charlotte. And this is just to get a hearing - on what - a $40 a month service you signed up, but didn't get paid for?

Yes, it is true - and it is ALL VERIFIABLE. Sorry, but why would anyone do this to their own Reps?

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the arbitration clause is stated in the vast amounts of fine print on the front and back of the sign up form that you signed.


JC - as we can see, whoever wrote the original note already mentioned that arbitration is mentioned (as the only option any Rep has, Charlotte is the only place hearings are held, 3 aritrators are required, etc). What is NOT disclosed is the very significant cost of that process. If we both missed it, and it is now in the IBO agreement, please cut and paste it here so everyone can see it.

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