San Diego, California

How many of you have been "invited" to an urgent/ important / game-changing, etc team call, where the message was that YOU need to be in San Jose??!! If you really want to experience a life-changing event, sell your furniture if you need to, to be there?!

For some time, four times a year, this very same message is repeated - it's a fact... Why would it be necessary to do this, at this point, after the company has reinvented itself, after the growth they claim to have had? Why are they not sold out on day one ??? All these repetitive messages to push reps to buy 18,000 seats in an arena, to a group some leaders claim to number in the hundreds of thousands?

Why can't they get their own reps to buy up all the seats as soon as they go on sale? Maybe it's not a life changing event - I can't imagine so many people turning down such an opportunity if that is what they experienced by attending...! Well, if it's not life-changing, then what is the urgency to put pressure on all your reps to "register"?? Perhaps the money is needed to fund the freebies they offer to the Sr people (free registration, air and hotel to the events, and free air, hotel, meals and beverages to the Sr people "retreats"...

I imagine that does cost a lot of money, so are the reps that are not making much (if anything) picking up the tab for the Sr folks that claim to be making big bucks ??!!! Seems pretty obvious what is going on...

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I am looking at joining this company, but as I read these posts, and saw the negative votes on this one, I had to read further. No one that voted negative offered any comment or information on why they disagreed.

That, to me, suggests they have no rebuttal worth considering. If you can't convince your own reps to attend your "life-changing" seminars, they are probably not "life-changing"...!


Well - what a surprise! They just changed the Comp Plan - again!!!!

But, if your business strategy is working, you don't need, or want to change the Comp Plan... You change the Plan when you want to incent people to change what they do, or how they do it - simple as that... So what does that say about what everyone WAS doing - every time they change their plan? The beauty of being on top of the organization, is that you can do whatever you want.

If the people below you have to start all over again, with a new strategy, new tactics, a bigger list, and new scripts - too bad for them, as long as more $$ comes in to the over-rides... If you are looking at this honestly - look at who the COC is - it rarely changes, over what 23 years?

How is that possible if they are making so many people successful millionaires - year after year ? Life changing events - maybe for a few, and the rest is wishful thinking!!


I saw the same announcements, with the same group of speakers, covering mostly the same stuff - so - how did they "reinvent" themselves?? I agree with the poster - why are such a low percentage of their own IBOs interested in attending these events?


I also have been getting those not-so-subtle "invitations" to a life changing event. I got a note today - June 15 - that there are seats still available.

This for the arena in San Jose - maybe 18,000 seats, and it has been advertised for 4 months!!!

I can't believe these events are really life-changing, if ACN can't get 18,000 - a relatively small percentage - of their own Hundreds of thousands of Reps to go to them... Very bad testimonial ....

I'll pass and do something that costs less and is more productive...

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