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I know what you're thinking - only losers quit. And this current event suggests that those that have quit are probably wishing they had not.

I don't think so. Over the past year or so, it looks like a bunch of the Sr level people we see at the quarterly events are gone. Where did they go, and why did they quit ? People talk about this company as a path to financial freedom, of having time and money at the same time, as Millionaire training.

So, if that is true, why would RVPs and SVPs who are recognized as top producers leave this company? Can someone answer this?

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This is an interesting question, and I'm pretty surprised that no one from the company has stepped up to answer it. If you are looking at this business, ask yourself why that is?


How many RVPs and SVPs did quit?


It looks like at least 4 SVPs and many more RVPs quit... The number of RDs and TCs that quit is probably even larger. Makes the never quit challenge seem kind of shallow, doesn't it?


I asked around and it is more Svps, maybe 7 or more and more than 17 real good Rvps and a lot of Rd and Tc to that are outta there


Their Compass page still shows their Champion performers, but I can see some familiar names are missing. They haven't updated the other top performer stats in over a month though. What''s the deal?

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