San Antonio, Texas

We decided to try the ACN phone service after my In-Laws signed up to be ACN reps. My husband and I purchased the video phone and agreed to a 2year contract.

From the very beginning we had issues with both. The video phone had a delay and would lock-up and had a bad picture. There was also a terrible echo that could be heard on the incoming side of a call. Also, when you picked up the phone to make a call there was a delay with 5 beeps before you could dial the phone.

My husband repeatedly called the company about the issues and they sent a new phone but all of the problems continued. They tried to blame it on many other things other than their phone/service. After many calls to their "customer service" we decided just to finish out our contract. We just avoided using the home phone if at all possible.

Come to find out that my husband's parents gave up on the company also and were no longer reps. They had even closed out their phone service with the company. When my husband called to stop service they told him that he had to call back on the day that service was to end. We could not call ahead of time to set up a cancellation date.

Then of course they would not pro-rate it so we had to pay for another month when we used 5 days. Now we are stuck with their terrible phone and have no use for it since it can only be used with their phone service and you can only video chat with someone else that has one of their phones. Their final dig was when we received an email that they were charging us $16 to release our phone number to our new phone carrier.

I think they have people that just sit around and think up ways to "legally" charge consumers outrage charges. The people that are at the very top of their Pyramid are making alot of money off of the "little guys".

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